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“I write to hear and keep in touch with my voice.”

– Glenda Bissex, Partial Truths
All student names in this blog are changed to protect their identity. 

An Alternate Script for the Embarrassed Self

Originally posted on moving writers:
I’m very happy that my idea of creating Embarrassment Free Zones resonated with many teachers and students. My goal in this post is to establish that there are situations when Free Zones won’t work. Yes, that’s right.? Remember Vaishali? For someone so deeply and permanently hurt by humiliation, for someone…

A Guide to Homophony and Heterography

Spellings of homophones in English are a constant source of confusion and errors in writing across ages and abilities; they are also a constant source of frustration for students learning English spelling, and teachers and parents striving to better student writing and spelling. This post is a composite of many conversations I have had in 10 years of learning to teach English spelling.

A Conversation that Nudges Students out of Embarrassment

Originally posted on moving writers:
In my previous post, I wrote that insight is essential to overcome embarrassment. Once the student knows that embarrassment is holding them back, they can then make changes to free themselves from it.? They can, yes. But, it doesn’t always translate to ‘they do.’? If you’ve ever taught a bunch…

Facilitating Student Learning by Helping them Overcome Embarrassment

Originally posted on moving writers:
In my decade-long work in reaching and teaching struggling students, irrespective of the nature of their struggle, I have found one common thread: embarrassment. Most struggling students have found themselves failing, and many of these experiences of failure become foundations to future embarrassment. This, then, becomes a huge deterrent to…


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